Four ways to remove static electricity

Sometimes it working or cleaning at home can be quite a chore, especially when you are dealing clutter that you need to sort out and suddenly get a painful jolt in your body. Other than startle you or cause you to wonder if there are any open electrical lines that may be exposed and can cause potential harm, however, you may just be dealing with static electricity.

What is static electricity

Static electricity occurs when two objects with opposing charges- negative and positive- come in contact with one another. It can be a book, a floor carpet or any household item that you would least expect. However startling it may sometimes be when you get that sudden jolt of electricity, you might be surprised to find out that you can deal with it easily and eliminate it. Just get to know the basics about static electricity so you can take it off the equation and let it stop bothering you.

Set up a humidifier

Other than provide your home with a fresh scent of air and regulates humidity, it is also found to reduce the buildup of static charge among objects. Also, place live decorative or potted plants close by the humidifier so that it can also help absorb carbon dioxide in the air. If you still have not purchased your own humidifier, you can make one up by boiling water on a pot inside your home so that the steam vapors can circulate and help regulate humidity. You can also add in some aromatic spices or herbs liven up the interior of your home.

Use commercially-available anti-static chemicals on carpets and rugs

Floor carpets and rugs are among the common culprits that often get charged with static electricity. You can periodically apply anti-static treatment chemicals that can be purchased through carpet supply dealers or online carpet stores. Mostly these chemical in spray cans so it's easy to apply on to carpets. You can also make your own anti-static treatment by using liquid fabric softener. Just fill a spray bottle with two thirds distilled or purified water approximately 400 milliliters and mix in a capful of fabric softener. Spray the solution lightly over the rug or floor carpet. In cars, use dryer sheets or microfiber towels when cleaning upholstered seats in your car. They help discharge static from the surface. This occurs often when the car is parked under the sun and the air inside gets too dry which is highly likely to build up static.

Eliminating static charges from the body

the body can also generate static charges and there are several practical ways of discharging it. Always keep your skin moisturized by applying body lotion after a shower to lock in moisture on your skin surface before putting on your clothes. Also make sure that you hands are always moisturized as well, as these are often discharge points that could trigger static jolts.

Change of clothing materials

Always wear clothes made from natural fibers instead of synthetic ones, which are more likely to generate static charges. Always wear something on your feet to avoid static buildup through your body. Wearing leather sandals or shoes around the house can help a lot instead of just walking barefoot inside the house.

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