The difference between electrical and electronic devices

Some people believe that electrical and electronic devices are alike. After all, both use the same power of electricity, right? Although it may be true that both device types are powered by electricity, there is, in fact, a different between both and for very practical reasons. Examples of electrical devices are, electric fans, microwave ovens, electric stoves, blenders, food processors and oven toasters, just to name a few, while examples of electronic devices are smartphones, personal computers, laptops and a whole lot of computing devices.

The difference between electrical and electronic devices

Well, the answer is simple, but later on we will discuss some points that are worth mentioning regarding these two. Electrical devices, although they are powered by electricity, it works simply to do a singular task without the application of a processing capability. This means that electrical devices are not equipped to perform decision making tasks. Take for example the electric fan. All it's designed to do is to power an electric motor installed with fan blades to produce air and the oscillating movement produced by installing several sets of gears to make the motion. Electronic devices, on the other hand, are equipped with processors that allow it to perform a decision-making action through input commands or algorithmic computations like your laptop or your smartphones. These devices are also powered by electricity, but their difference with electrical devices is that they perform more complex actions.

Why create electrical devices when electronic devices are 'smart' enough to do the work

It is really important to understand how things work and the purposes for which those appliances are built for. Electrical appliances are still being manufactured and sold all over the world simply because they do not require complex processes to work. You do not need to have an electronic fan to provide you with a gust of air during a warm day. Besides, all it has to do is just power the motor and then you get the desired result you need. No complicated function is needed for that. The same goes with every other electrical device. You do not need to have a motherboard circuit with processors to perform a basic function. Most of all, it is for practical and cost efficient reasons. It would cost less to have only the basic working parts and gadgets to produce an electric fan instead of having one with all the smart functions that would seem impractical and will only be a waste of money and resources.

What are the benefits of electronic devices for everyday life?

Just like their electrical predecessors, electronic devices are designed and developed to make things easy for people. Take for example the smartphone. Other than just being a telephone that makes you call and receive calls, it lets you do a lot of other stuff, like read your emails, browse the internet and lets you make your reservation for a dinner date later tonight- all in that one single device in your hand.

A working relationship

although there are telling differences between electronic and electrical devices, the matters raised are purely for purposes of argument and education. Because nowadays we see both device types working together to make life and work more easy for man.You now have your electronic microwave oven, complete with an alarm mechanism that alerts you when your food is cooked without you mulling over how it would turnout and intervene in case you need to pull it out to prevent food from burning. But with the integration of electronic functions, the moment your oven detects that the food is cooked it stops the cooking function and alerts you that your food is ready. Or your washing machine is equipped with a smart function that allows itself to automatically adjust water temperature upon detection of certain fabrics.

These devices have been designed and created to make life more convenient for man. It allows people to be less stressed or could be more productive because a washing machine is able to wash and dry your laundry automatically while you do other important stuff, instead of waiting for the washer to finish its job and manually transfer your washed laundry to the drying tub. Technology plays a critical role in developing more convenient solutions with everyday devices with the end goal of making chores easier for man.Gone are the days when man has to toil hard from morning until the afternoon to work to earn a living. Technology has now made those laborious tasks automated. The benefits of electrical and electronic devices are truly enormous and remarkable, because aside from the fact that it made man challenge the boundaries of human intelligence with inventions, it also made life more convenient so that his fellow humans can enjoy more fun and celebrate life.

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